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Full Spectrum Healing LLC

I Joined The Circus 

and Saved My Life!

Now it’s time to show everyone what you’re made of! We are filming a series of performances and interviews with aerialists and circus performers, highlighting the benefits of our beloved past time. Join me as I photograph, videotape and interview performers and instructors for this educational series. Within this scope is the film production of a family show, and community events. 

In gratitude for your contribution, artists will receive copies of their video and select photos. Artists must sign a model release in order to participate.  You will complete the form below and as a result you will receive more detailed information by email about the themes and guidelines for submitting your work. We must schedule each performer for filming and interview, 

Additional Amenities for this Event include:

*schedule a Massage with a licensed therapist

Next event TBA


 Sol Healing and Wellness Center 

13805 Ann Place 

Austin, TX 78728

For more information: 


***PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS IS AN ONGOING PROGRAM . Our March 20 recording session is full. Please CALL ME  to be included in our next session!  

“Circus opened me up to a whole new set of creative opportunities! There has been so much support and encouragement in our community!”

Tina Anderson