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Full Spectrum Healing LLC

Full Spectrum Healing Community Membership Benefits 

Browse our Benefits and Choose What Meets Your Needs

Home Grown Family Membership 

$10/ month provides clients access to:

Activities and Home Program Library
  • Educational  Video Library
  • 10% Discount on Educational Courses
  • VIP Invitations with registration discount for our Garden Parties, ReTreats, and Events.

Budding Clinician Membership 

$20/ month provides clinicians access to:

  • Upload Activities and Home Program Videos
  • Upload Client Education Courses
  • 10% Discount on Clinical CEU Courses
  • Inclusion in Video Interviews 

Home Grown Clinician Membership 

$30/ month provides clinicians access to:

  • Create a Professional Profile in our Directory of OT, PT, ST, clinicians and, Private Duty Nurses, Licensed Counselors, Massage Therapists and other Somatic Practitioners, Certified Nursing Assistants, and Respite Care Providers, Doulas, Lactation Consultants, 
  • Upload Your Activities and Home Program Videos 
  • Upload Your Client Education Courses and you maintain the billing and revenue while providing 10% discount to our members 
  • Upload Your Clinical CEU Courses and you maintain the billing and revenue while providing the appropriate discounts to our members 
  • 20% Discount on Clinical CEU Courses
  • Inclusion in as guest speaker in our Video Interviews
  • Inclusion as Clinician in Garden Parties, Camps and Events.

Garden Parties, and Events

While our Garden Parties and Events are accessible to the general public, Home Grown Family Members receive  VIP Invitations to our events with a specific members only pricing on registration and classes during our events. 

Home Grown Clinician Members are eligible to submit an application  for inclusion as a paid course provider, clinical expert speaker or clinical service provider during our events. 

Join Our Garden Parties and Events!

Learn, Play, Celebrate, Heal!

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