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Full Spectrum Healing

Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation 

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Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation 

Finding the courage to seek diagnosis and treatment for pelvic floor issues such as pain, hypersensitivity, leakage of bladder and bowel, can be difficult. People of all genders and all ages face these challenges in silence daily.  Don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place. 

Full Spectrum Healing approaches pelvic health from more than a physical perspective. Occupational therapy addresses the physical, psychological, social and occupational aspects associated with pelvic floor health and wellness. A prescription from your physician requesting “OT Evaluation and Treatment for Pelvic Floor” is required in order to begin the evaluation and treatment process. The prescription should identify the diagnosis for which you seek treatment. 

Children and Women’s Pelvic Health is our current area of specialty.  With focused training in pediatric pelvic floor and incontinence, menstruation, pregnancy, postpartum and post menopause evaluation and rehabilitation our practice is limited to these populations.  While there is a need for pelvic floor rehabilitation for the diagnoses typical to the adult male and transgender individuals, our training has not included those specialties. A free consultation will help to determine whether our practice meets your personal needs. 

Mindful Maidens, Mamas, and Mentors


Full Spectrum Healing understands the sacrifice involved in covering healthcare costs.  Our Mindful Maidens, Mamas and Mentors is a membership community of cis-females seeking safety, support, education and an empowered life that flows from the deepest parts of us.  


What our clients are saying

Tina helped me to overcome the anxiety  and depression related to my pain.  She taught me about my condition, and empowered me to care for myself deeply, on a daily basis.  I’m doing better in all areas of my life with comfort and confidence.