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Full Spectrum Healing LLC

Postpartum Rehabilitation/Care

Giving birth is a special time filled with new experiences.  While the changes to a woman’s body develop gradually as the baby grows and moves within her, these effects upon the mother’s body can impact her ability to perform daily tasks with comfort. Postpartum rehabilitation serves to address those concerns and to restore comfort and relative ease.

Heal From The Inside

There are many physical changes that can occur during pregnancy.  Back, neck and shoulder or pelvic pain, headaches,  leakage of the bladder or bowel may continue after the birth.  Scars from surgery or perineal tears  may restrict movement. Full Spectrum Healing is specially trained to address these aspects of pregnancy and postpartum care.

Give a Voice to Your Concerns and Feelings

As joyful and intimate as the birth of a baby can be, the parents may experience increased stress related to irregular rest and sleep patterns.  Loss of a child through miscarriage or stillbirth can traumatically impact a couple’s relationship.  Cultural expectations about parenting roles can be contrary to the parents’ current needs for balance between parenting and self care.  Parenting styles differ.  Mother’s changes in hormone levels are known to impact her mood levels, potentially experienced as postpartum depression. Full Spectrum Healing is specially trained to address these concerns, and to provide effective strategies. 

Reestablish Your Exercise and Work/ Life Balance

When is the right time to resume regular exercise and social activities? Whether your child has typical growth and development or one finds oneself challenged by NICU hospitalization and chronic therapeutic care, how does each parent and caregiver establish balance with compassion for one’s own boundaries and needs? Occupational therapy can help with all aspects of this challenge.  I specifically work with pediatric development and mothers postpartum  care .

Postpartum Packages

Heal From The Inside

*2 sessions per week  for 12 weeks after the 1 hour initial evaluation (evaluation priced separately)

(24 visits) 


Give Voice To Your Feelings

*2 sessions per week visits for 8; weeks after the 1 hour initial evaluation 

(evaluation priced separately not included)

(16 sessions)


Reestablish Exercise and Work/ Life Balance 

*Training in Rehabilitation  of Diastsis Recti

* personalized postpartum modifications to established exercise program bridges the gap! 

* 10 sessions after the initial evaluation.(evaluation not included) 

$ 1,500