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Full Spectrum Healing LLC

Highly Sensitive Adults

Sensory Processing disorders are only recently becoming recognized as factors underlying anxiety, depression and Autism Spectrum Disorders including but not limited to attention deficit and hyperactivity.  Most often, these challenges are identified and treated throughout the developmental stages of childhood.  Adults whose challenges were not identified in childhood may have struggled to manage their personal, academic, vocational and social roles without intervention. When they finally have the possibility of addressing sensory processing differences, they find that most occupational therapy practices only serve children up to age 21.  

Full Spectrum Healing LLC serves all ages, We begin with a 15 minute consultation to determine whether our practice is a good fit for your needs. With a physician’s prescription an evaluation and follow up consultation will provide a clear plan of care.  Explore the descriptions below to determine if the challenges you’re experiencing are needing more support to improve your daily performance and perceptions. 

Highly sensitive

Sensory Modulation

Sensory Stimuli are commonly overlooked by the average person; however, for the highly sensitive person, these experiences can be distracting.  The chatter of people nearby can make concentration difficult. Tags or seams in clothing can be very uncomfortable and interfere during important activities.

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Learning  new motor skills generally occurs in childhood.  For some of us, the challenge of keeping up in gym class was an annoying experience of the past. Some adults; however, continue to struggle to keep up with gross motor coordination needed to participate in fitness classes, or fine motor coordination for daily tasks. This can have a huge impact on performance. 

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Emotional Regulation

For some people, the combination of distracting and uncomfortable sensory stimuli, and difficulty with coordination can result in significant stress. These differences can negatively impact personal and professional experiences.  Anxiety and depression  can often be experienced as a result. 

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What our customers are saying

I felt included in the process.  Tina helped me to understand my sensory system, and how to compassionately care for myself and my family.