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Full Spectrum Healing

Our Services

We are establishing online scheduling, and  online payment systems.    

Initial Consultation

Before scheduling services such as OT evaluation or Wellness services, I recommend a free brief consultation in order to determine what best suits your needs.

Wellness Program

Our wellness programs are designed to meet your individual needs in order to establish and sustain healthy lifestyle practices.  Participation in the wellness programs does not require a prescription from a physician.

Bio-Energy Self-Healing Courses

Tina Anderson completed Reiki Master Teacher Training,

 Divine Essence Healing, and Healing Touch Training 

She provides virtual  individual and group series

Due to the need for safety, virtual instruction allows participants to fully engage in the learning process without  the distraction   

Occupational Therapy Evaluation and Treatment 

Typical clinic-based therapy sessions last up to 50 minutes. A session may address strength, coordination, endurance, self-regulation, and interpersonal skills applied through functional activities.

Intensive Occupational Therapy Treatment

An Intensive  approach to occupational therapy treatment allows the therapist to address a variety of  skills over a longer duration in order to train the client and caregivers how to incorporate strategies into the clients day.  Depending on the client's needs, a session may last 2-3 hours at a frequency of once per week or once- twice per month.  This helps to minimize the stress of scheduling. 


Following the start of the wellness or therapy programs, clients may schedule consultations to clarify the home program, to address an immediate concern, or to collaborate with other service providers.  These consultations are scheduled in blocks of 1-15 minutes time. Additional time may be arranged as needed.

Visitors by appointment only

Having the option to schedule on-site or online appointments made a world of difference.  The online appointments allowed us to maintain our schedule even if my child was sick or if we were running late!  My child worked just as hard for Ms. Tina on video chat.