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Full Spectrum Healing


While we are out of network with insurance companies, our rates are competitive in our field.  We will provide  you

 with documentation to support reimbursement of claims.


While travel in Austin is a dense reality that impacts on-site services, we also provide therapy via online live-video access.


Intensive programs allow for realistic application of healing modalities.  Clients and caregivers receive training in the environments where the challenges occur, in real time.  Our individual programs facilitate ease of scheduling.

Our Recent Blog


Fine Motor Development

Hands Give and Receive and Create!

In the womb a baby can be seen sucking a thumb.  Invited by the stroking of flesh, the newborns fingers open and grasp a parent's hand reflexively.   These experiences underlie the development of reaching and grasping  with wonder and intention.  

There are a variety of sensory experiences that stimulate a child's sense of wonder and exploration.   As a parent, grandparent or caregiver you can support your children’s fine motor development.  By providing opportunities to play with various textures through messy play, art and gardening, you teach grasping and tool use,  These experiences train young hands and minds  As toddlers these skills develop into self-help skills like feeding and dressing. They also lay the foundation for drawing and handwriting that are necessary for school readiness. 

Sometimes we limit these opportunities because toddlers are messy and lack organization and skill.  Tasks are completed faster when done by adults; however, opportunities for learning are missed when we intervene.  Instead, demonstrate the skill, provide the right size tools, and allow time for trial and error.  This is how learning occurs!


Picky Eaters

Occupational Therapy

Picky Eaters Challenges

There are many challenges that picky eaters present to their parents.  Each challenge may be more frustrating than the last.  This does not mean you can't overcome them. Instead of having another argument that ends in tears , or you feeling guilty, use these ideas to help your child learn their hunger cues and cultivate nutritious choices.   

Challenge:  Getting Kids to the Table

Let's face it, kids are busy exploring the planet and who can blame them for resisting sitting down for meals.  

Strategy: Shift the mood and pace of activities to the table.

Schedule high energy playground activities such as  jumping, swinging, running before table top activities. If you spend the time just before meals having children seated and doing puzzles, or coloring they will be at the table when meals are served.

Challenge: Gagging and Vomiting

Some children gag in response to the smell or sight of foods they detest. 

Your child's response could be related to a sensory aspect such as the food's smell, texture or appearance. It could also be an awareness that his/ her oral motor skills are insufficient to manage chewing and swallowing along with the texture and flavor.  

Strategy: Consult a Professional  

We often want to blame the food for the child's rejection; however it is not always about the food. If your child's nutritional intake is deficient, you may need to consult your pediatrician.  Strengthening the muscles of posture and oral motor skills as well as swallowing should be referred to be  assessed by a Speech Language Pathologist and an Occupational Therapist. 

Challenge: Refusing Healthy Foods

In the some cases, kids begin accepting healthy foods in early childhood, and reject them for comfort foods for long periods of time. It can be completely normal for a child to shift food preferences. For some children anxiety is a factor impeding their acceptance of new or novel experiences (Neophobia). 

 Strategy:  Consult a Professional

Creative cooking, decorating or blending foods for appeal  can be successful in creating a pleasant mealtime ritual.  Where anxiety toward food is of concern, you would benefit from consulting with your physician who may recommend a nutritionist, allergy testing or other assessments to determine the best course of action for your child.

Full Spectrum Healing LLC proves the professional support and education that can lead to a healthy relationship with food.